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Dubplate Music Publishers

Jamaica’s largest music publishing company featuring top industry writers and artists. Browse our extensive catalogue and listen to sound clips of songs available for your projects; check out our ‘Featured Writers’ page to keep an ear to the ground for the hottest writers and artists in Jamaican music; use our ‘Licensing Information’ page to be directed to one of our sub-publishers for assistance in obtaining the necessary copyright and licensing information for any song in the catalogue.
Welcome to Dubplate Music Publishers

Welcome to Dubplate Music Publishing website where you can:

  • Sample Songs (or parts, ex: hook)
  • Sample Beats
  • Re-record lyrics
  • Request licenses from our worldwide network of sub publishers

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Do you have a publishing conflict or claim?

Do you have a publishing conflict/claim which you need assistance to resolve? Join DMP and we will arbitrate for the best possible outcome on your behalf.Using our local and international, high-profile network of music publishers and legal team, we have successfully resolved many longstanding conflicts involving multi-platinum selling records. If you have an issue that has been outstanding for years and do not know where to go, DMP can assist you without requiring upfront payment from you.